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Audio Description - Voice 
by Tansy Alexander
Tansy is a professional voiceover and on-camera actress and host with over 14 years of experience in front of the camera, microphone and live audiences.  Her fun and professional attitude makes her an asset to every project.  See for yourself!

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Audio Description, also known as AD, Descriptive Audio, is detailed narrative description of the visible media in between dialogue and sound effects, developed initially for sight impaired audiences.

The SAP channel on your TV has the option as well as movie theaters and independent networks such as Netflix, Hulu, Apple +TV,
Disney +, etc.

Prior to voicing audio description in 2011, I was involved with an entertainment podcast for the sight-impaired through AIRS-LA.  
It was great fun, and created a natural conduit for AD.  Now I have added on LIVE AD with Fox Sports on WWE Smackdown wrestling on Fox Network!  
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