" were such a great sport about the artistic vision of the Mrs. Belford character. I just want you to know that it was a pleasure working with you on the short and for me, its not a question of if we will work together again but when....I would be honored to have you be a part of our upcoming productions." - Osokwe Tychicus Vasquez, Director (February 2012) Prelude to Bedlam, Short

"Hey Tansy,
Thanks again for all of your work on the film.  You were great! " - David Rountree, Director (January 2012) Cut!, Feature Film

"Tansy Alexander's performance was exceptional/ Her professionalism, talent and overall great personality makes her an actress worth casting on any production." - Tychicus Vasquez, Director (August 2010) Severance, Pilot

"It was lovely working with you again Tansy....just lovely...:)  -  Eric A. Wahl,  DP/Cinematographer - (July 2010) 
Run This Town and My Real Life

"Tansy was excellent to work with!  She has a special spark that she brings to the film!"  Elizabeth Snoderly, Producer
(June 2010) 3X A Charm - Feature

"I saw the takes of you....and baby, you look GORGEOUS !!!!!!!!!!  Loved working with you, I thank you for your spirit and your contribution to the rock!" - Brandon Jameson, Director, Link Technologies LLC, Allure Smile

"I love your acting.  You rock, luv!  I would totally work with you again Tansy.  Your professionalism and patience helped me a lot as a director, and as I look back now, you've been one of the best actresses I have had the pleasure of working with" - Ivan De Jesus, Director (2008)

Pleasure working with you....You were amazing - everyone loved working with you and your recordings sound great!" - Will Brown, Project Manager, JBI Studios (July 2010) 
Videogame project

"Tansy is a gifted actress.  I was impressed with how well she takes direction and applies it to her performance without hesitation.  She's someone who truly takes her craft seriously, but also has fun on set with the cast and crew" - Eric Dapkewicz, 
Director (September 2010) 
Paradox Alice -  Feature Film

"I had such a great time working with you....You are a very talented actress, who we all loved working with, and will definitely hire in our upcoming projects!" - Jade Brandais, Casting Director (Sept 2010) 
Paradox Alice - Feature Film

News & Reviews
...some of the highlights....

Voiceover agent Vanessa Gilbert relocated to RSA Talent

LIVE Audio Description for Fox Sports WWE Smackdown

Shot role of Debbie's neighbor for BETRAYED

Criminal Minds episode opposite Joe Mantegna

True Car Print Ad

Moana Movie Trailer for Disney

Print shoot for Harrah's Rincon Resort in San Diego Co.

Played wife of Bukowski in short "Angry at San Pedro"

Shot role of Cynthia Bishop in web series "La Verdad: Beginning - From Whence Cometh My Help"

Recording two audiobooks

Shot role of Miss V in horror film "Uncanny"

Shot first episode "Stage Mommies" with Billy DaMota
More Headshots

Booked a lead in the web series -"I Hate My Job" 
Took new headshots with Matt Brown
Booked various voiceover projects
Made a change in theatrical representation to BBA - Robin Meyer

Recorded various voiceover jobs
Filmed lead in short "My Husband Doesn't Age"

Booked vo narration
Shot role in feature: "Never Say Never" 

Shot episode of recurring web series "Sidework"
Voiceover jobs
Shot informercial

Shot lifestyle shots with Tony Donaldson
Performed with improv troupe BlackCat at IO
Voiceover narration job
Attended screening of feature film "Paradox Alice" at Universal Citywalk (Mrs. O'Byrne)
Participated in Script Reading for Lizzie Maxwell

   Tansy plays a soccer Mom in a Fox Sports Promo.  She books a Union Bank commercial, then the role of Audrey in the web series Sidework.

  Tansy gets the opportunity to work with Director/Actor David Rountree again on his newest Feature tentatively titled "Cut" a "seasoned" hooker!  

  Shooting begins on "Prelude to Bedlam" with director Tychicus Vasquez.

 Tansy plays the close-minded grade school principle in short film "Ingles" and begins shooting her role as a radio DJ in "Creature Feature". 

 Tansy voices spot for Healthcare company in Midwest.

  Tansy shoots new headshots with John Westernoff.

  Tansy plays the wife of a narcoleptic hit-n-run husband on 1000 Ways To Die and does a table read for feature "Tijuana", 

  Tansy lands the on-going female 
host job for, a site which reviews any tech gadgets for it's senior-friendly features.

 Tansy plays Dr. Salisbury in TLC's hit reenactment series I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant. She gets to "deliver" a baby in the back seat of an SUV.  Trade secret: she's covered in cream cheese and fruit jelly :)

  Tansy plays a news anchor for feature film Second Class Citizen, directed by Lalit P. Jabonputra for Om Talkies Inc

  Tansy plays businesswoman Christina for pilot "Run This Town", a Charles Clemmons project.

  Tansy works on indi feature 3X A Charm, directed by Letia Cloutis.   She plays Barbara, a fairy-godmother-type disguised as a homeless woman.  
Tansy also filmed her role as the tired, surly waitress outside of Palmdale (near Lake Los Angeles)  for feature film Deserted Brothers.  Directed by Nicolai Schwairz.  

  Tansy lends her voice and hosting skills to announce the "Silent Auction" at Wheels For Humanity/UPC fundraiser Life Without Limits at the Radisson Hollywood.  

  Episodes 6 & 7 of My Real Life air on YouTube, rounding out Season 1.   Tansy plays the wacky, stoner Mom. 

  Shooting commences for TV Pilot Severance, directed by Tychicus Vasquez.  Tansy plays the downtrodden Mom of the lead.

  Tina Truman, Truman Gold Management, becomes Tansy's manager for film and TV.

 Tansy signs with TGMD for voiceover rep.  She is ecstatic, and back with her first ever vo agent again....Vanessa Gilbert.  Many smiles.

  Tansy Alexander signed by Paul Wintner and Jason Helzner at Wintner Artist Management for voiceovers (trailers and promos).