I am the Yoga Warrior!
Playing guitar
Flashing a little thigh at the jacuzzi during a shoot
Casual shots
Part of a modeling shoot at the Tennis Courts
Okay, I'm not Taylor Swift, but I do play that thing!!
Photo shoot for a hair care product
Lt. Alice Rawlings, council member, in the movie Star Trek (2009)
As the stoner Mom of Stephanie, in web series My Real Life
As the killer cougar in the film  "Breathless"....I get to poison my cheating young lover!
Goofing with other actors on Star Trek as Lt. Alice Rawlings
Getting "strangled" in full length film Creature Feature
Three Times a Charm blocking the shot
Nurse Tansy for a reinactment show
Three Times a Charm with Lexi Giovagnoli in high school gym
With director Wayne Isham on set of Motley Crew video
Stewardess Tansy.....coffee, tea or internet?
Playing the "seasoned" hooker in the feature film Cut!
"Lolita", the hooker, with her pimp daddy on set of Cut!
Lolita and Tenga Ray, the protege hooker in Cut!
As the high school principal in the award winning short Ingles
With director Chuy Santillon on set of the award-winning short Ingles.
As Birdo, with shotgun and cigar, in Mario Brothers P.I.
In the make-up chair - Mario Brothers P.I.With
With Abigail, my "daughter", in Severance
Goofing during a break in shooting - Severance
As the Mom on Severance during the shoot
As Dr. Salisbury on I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant
Hosting the vintage car show at Bob's Big Boy in Burbank.
Hosting with Bobby for a dance studio in Sherman Oaks
At Adreneline clothing store, hosting a fashion segment
Another fashion segmentLif
With Josh Thompson, doing an improv'd bit at El Cid, for the premiere of Non Sequitor, (directed by Gary Ravenscroft)
With Stacey Newsome on the set of 5150, directed by David Rountree
Blocking for the monster scene in feature film Creature Feature
Lifestyle modeling for Kevin Michael Schmitz in downtown L.A.
Another shot with Kevin Michael Schmitz
The good doctor with her team!
Shooting a commercial along with actress Lizzie Maxwell, and the random tourist who insisted on getting in on the picture!!
Lizzie and I head for the water in Venice as part of the commercial shoot.
From Web Series "My Real Life" with Stephanie, my "daughter"; saying goodbye and leaving her in charge.
Playing the legal eagle.
On the set, using the backdrop to catch a quick pic
Another street ho?
In preparation for Lolita, for Cut!
Birdo, Mario Brothers P.I., hanging at the reception desk of Mario
Me and Paul Brewster for a commercial
Hosting at CES Las Vegas 2011
Playing the butch lesbian in Wally Wingert's mocumentary Livin On A Prayer
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Driving, Fox Sports Promo
With the team, pre shoot
With the team and director Christopher Salzgeber after the shoot
with the director Christopher Salzgeber
Mrs. Belford, the evil mother in Prelude to Bedlam
Waiting to come into scene with director Andrew Stewart in foreground of Sidework set
Barbara and Lexi in the gym on set of Three Times a Charm
As Barbara with Lexi on set of Three Times A Charm....at 3 in the morning!
From Three Times A Charm set at Providenc high with Lexi Giovanni
The Cast of SIDEWORK at Michael's Bar & Grill Burbank on set
Andrew Stewart, Sidework director and me
My character "Audrey" with the infamous gum-scraping, schmutz removing spatula!
Tansy with Brian Stevens, her "son" in Sidework
On Set of The Dandies - with Stephanie
The main cast of The Dandies
Shooting the art gallery scene - The Dandies
With Avis Wrentmore on movie set as stewardesses.
Coffee, tea or me